Polyqui Ltda.

Our company 

Polyqui is a global distributor that has positioned itself as a leader in the sale and distribution of raw materials. It also stands out as a leader in the sale of chemicals in the plastics industry for both moldings, extrusions and manufacturing services for more than 40 years.
Thanks to our products of excellence and high quality standards, we have managed to provide a differentiating service that allows us to meet the expectations of our customers.
We are at the forefront in the specialty materials industry and we have highly qualified personnel.
Polyqui offers competitive prices and technical service to South America, Central America and the Caribbean region.

Products and services


- Resins
- Collants and Additives
- Out of grade materials


Wide Storage Warehouses in Ports:
- Valparaiso
- San Antonio


We can provide services of:
- Palletizing
- Grinding
- Spraying
- Special compounds
- Raw Materials in colors


Our suppliers come from:
- Argentina
- Brazil
- Mexico
- Japan
- Korea
- Europe
- Canada


You can contact us

Phone number

(+56)22 3950000                     

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